Landyachting - Little History

The employment of the wind like power to drive in earth arises like an application of the concepts used in the water, to take advantage of the force of Eolo through a sail 

The Egyptians were the first ones that register data on the use of landyachts 
Faraón Amenembat II of the XII dynasty (2000 B C) was probably the precursor of this means of locomotion with true "wind carriages powered" that were employees to mobilize troops. 

The next application was the Romans in the year 405 B.C. when Flavius Vegetius wrote in a titled work Epitoma rei Militaris on a car pushed by the wind.

The Chinese were also, on the other hand, innovative in distant times. Emperor Liang Yuang Ti in his knowned writings as Chin Liu Tzu, and making a correlation of times that in the year 247 B C., Koatschang Wu-Shu built a Landyacht able to transport thirty men for hundred of kilometers in a day." 
And arriving to our age, already in 1543 exist in Europe, a certain Johan Fiedrich that built a terrestrial vehicle with sail


The most overwhelming test gave it by Simón Stevin, a Engineer and Mathematical of Brugges born in 1548, when in 1598, for responsibility of the Prince of Orange, the Count Maurice from Nassau, built a true "Bus with sail" to reduce the fatigue of the that time walkers. This bus transported 28 people for 75 Km in two uninterrupted hours.


From this stage on ahead was a constant evolution of sails and vehicles like means of transport until in 1898, in a small Belgian city in the limit with called France De Panne, an idea of creating a competitive activity. The idea was of brothers André and Francois Dumont, who began to develop new yachts with the idea of more speed.



This idea continues effective today and doesn't stop. The current landyachts have arrived to 186 Km/h on land and around 270 Km/h on Ice. Today De Panne it is the World Capital of the Landyachting, and in September 1998 were celebrated the Century of the first race, with the 6th World Championship.

Photo Wind Jet

Rada Tilly's beaches await the 11th World Championship in 2008. It already recieve the recognition of Pilots of first international level as Nord Embroden (US) in December' 2000 and Enero'2001, Pascal Demuysere (Belgium) in December of 1987 and Eric Engelbrecht, Fisly President, (February 2001) who qualified them like one of the best beaches in the world.

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