The ASOCIACION PATAGONICA DE CARROVELISMO, placed in Rada Tilly, Province of Chubut, República Argentina is a Institution without ends of lucre, formed by a group of lovers of wind and the speed, with the intention to promote and to diffuse the sport of Landyacting in the beaches and Deserts of Patagonia, in the South of the American continent 

Rada Tilly is one of the beaches with the best geographical and climatic characteristics in the world to enjoy this sport. 
Been founded in the year 2001, the APC had its origins in 1984 with the Comisión Promotora de Carrovelismo that then became in 1986 in the RADA TILLY CARROS CLUB. During the years understood between 1992 and 1999, the Landyacting had a long pause in our country at institutional level, product of the different economic and social crises that were lived in this times. 

Today with a strong convincing that this sport is a generating source of tourist resources for the region and with the inexhaustible source that we prepare in the Patagonia, as it is it the wind, we have recaptured the activity with the objective of to refloat and to popularize the sport of Eolo


p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: justify; word-spacing: 0; margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0">Presidente:                 Oscar Armando Coria Fuchs

Vice Presidente          Pablo Reyesr

Secretario                  Marcia Ulloa

Tesorero                    Javier Andres Clausen Saavedra


1°Vocal Titular          Gustavo Belchior

2°Vocal Titular          Sergio Kindruk

3°Vocal Titular          Rodrigo Coria


1°Vocal Suplente       Ricardo Alcalde

2°Vocal Suplente       Andres Coetsee

3°Vocal Suplente       Nestor Hormigo



Comision Revisora de Cuentas

Jose Manuel Corchuelo Blasco

Alejandro Larrive